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October 10, 2023

The Ins and Outs of Import Image Racing Pay

An app screen showing Import Image Racing Pay.

Import Image Racing has an exciting new partnership with fintech provider Tandym to offer IIR Pay, a digital debit or credit card tailored specifically for IIR customers. With IIR Pay, you can save $30 off your first $300+ purchase and earn 5x rewards points on every order after that. Here's a closer look at why this new payment option is a must-have for IIR loyalists.

Below, we break down the advantages of Import Image Racing Pay from Tandym. We'll elucidate how this tailored payment solution assists retailers in trimming expenses, strengthening bonds and realizing their online business goals.

What is Import Image Racing?

Import Image Racing (IIR) is a leading online retailer specializing in aftermarket parts and accessories for imported sport compact cars. Founded in 2001 and based in Anaheim, CA, IIR stocks over 100,000 performance upgrades and styling products for popular import models like Honda Civic, Acura Integra, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Subaru WRX, and Nissan 240SX. 

Their massive catalog includes top brands for intakes, exhausts, suspension, wheels, interior accessories, exterior styling, and more. With competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and fast shipping, IIR has become a go-to source for import tuners and enthusiasts seeking customized performance parts.

Two Ways to Pay

IIR Pay comes in both credit and debit options. With credit, you can pay over time with a line of credit up to $5,000 (subject to approval). The debit version connects directly to your bank account so you can pay in full upfront.

Easy Application

Signing up takes just seconds. For credit, there's no hard credit check so you get near-instant approval. For debit, securely connecting your bank through Plaid only takes seconds as well.

$30 Off Your First $300+ Order

As soon as you're approved, you can save $30 on your initial IIR purchase of $300 or more. Discounts this big normally never happen at IIR!

Contactless Checkout

At checkout, tap pay with your mobile number. No need to enter lengthy card details. IIR Pay keeps your information protected.

5x Rewards Points

You'll earn 5 points for every $1 spent on IIR Pay. These add up quickly for major savings on future orders. Points are redeemed automatically at checkout.

Manage It All in One Place

The IIR Pay account portal lets you view statements, check rewards balances, set up autopay, and make payments. Your financial data is secure with Plaid.

For loyal IIR customers who shop frequently for parts and merchandise, IIR Pay is almost a necessity. The ability to save $30 on your first order of $300+ is reason enough to sign up. Then you'll enjoy seamless checkout, earning 5x rewards on every purchase, and saving on future orders. Visit IIR.com today to apply for IIR Pay at checkout!

Tandym: The Fintech Partner That Powers Growth for Brands

Tandym delivers transformative advantages to brands seeking to upgrade their customer payment experiences. By partnering with this cutting-edge fintech provider, brands can slash their payment processing costs by up to 80% and reinvest those savings into tailored rewards programs.

Tandym-powered payment and rewards accounts help brands cultivate deeper loyalty and repeat purchases. The smooth application process, mobile checkout, earning opportunities, and account portal together create a rewarding, digital-first checkout that delights customers.

Beyond driving growth through new credit and debit payment options, brands can leverage Tandym's expertise in optimizing rewards strategies using data insights. This allows brands to continuously refine programs that drive engagement and spending.

For brands looking for a fairer, more rewarding way to get paid and pay customers, Tandym levels the playing field through its innovative payment rails. The cost savings, built-in customer rewards and loyalty-building capabilities cement Tandym as an essential fintech partner for forward-thinking brands.