How Tandym reduces processing fees

Traditional credit card processing is expensive, with fees that only ever seem to increase. Take control of your processing fees with Tandym.

Fee breakdown with traditional payments

Ever wonder what’s included in your payment processing fees? That’s a rolled-up number of multiple fee types, including:

  • Transaction and markup fees, which go to payment processors
  • Interchange fees, which go to the banks that issue credit and debit cards
  • Assessment fees, which go to card networks
Stripe, Visa, Amex, Chase and Shopify with arrows going to a ~3% in fees block

Cut fees to less than 1%

Tandym is a card issuer, network and processor all in one. So, we can skip all those extra hands in the pot. And when the hands aren’t there? The extra fees aren’t there.

With Tandym, you reduce processing fees from ~3% to less than 1%.

Traditional payment types

~3% in fees

Visa, Mastercard, and Amex logos showing dotted lines with dollar signs connected to: merchant acquirer, payment aggregator, network, and issuing bank.

Your branded card


Powered by Tandym

Tandym logo connected directly to you. Showing how you fund your own rewards.

Expand margins with your best customers

The best part of your best customers is they spend more with you. The worst part? They’re your most expensive customer segment when it comes to credit card processing fees.

Tandym not only builds deeper relationships, unlocking more value from your best customers. We make it cheaper to keep them, too.

Illustration showing a customer going through a cart and demonstrating that you'll have a ~3% processing fee using Visa, MasterCard, or Amex compared to a <1% fee if the customer pays with Tandym
Two paths for payments processing. One of current processing fees that are used to fund the loyalty programs of big banks and another using Tandym.

Reclaim processing fees to invest in your brand

If processing payments with Tandym costs as little as 1%, where do the rest of the fees that you pay today go?

Roughly 70% of the processing fees you pay today are used to fund the loyalty programs attached to credit cards offered by Big Banks. Double miles, cash back, swanky airport lounges — all are funded by the processing fees paid by merchants.

Instead of funding the customer retention strategies for Big Banks, fund your own. Deploying a branded payment option means you no longer have to choose between creating stickier customer relationships or eating into your margins.

Other ways branded payments create value


Increase in lifetime value

Branded payments drive larger baskets and higher repeat purchase rates, leading to a 25% increase in customer lifetime value.

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Unlock revenue share

Enterprise retailers receive a check from their branded payment partners each quarter. Now you can, too.

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