The best place for your brand is your customer’s wallet

Tandym puts it there. Our branded payments suite reduces processing fees to less than 1%. Use those savings to give shoppers better rewards and improve retention metrics.

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Earn 5% in store points

Maximize Value

Branded payments create value in 3 ways

For years, enterprise brands have been using branded payments to decrease processing fees, increase customer lifetime value and add a new revenue stream. With Tandym, you can, too.

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Reduce processing fees

Branded payments don’t utilize expensive network rails. As a result, you pay a fraction of the fees when your customers use your branded payment option.

Learn how we reduce fees


Increase in lifetime value

Branded payments drive larger baskets and higher repeat purchase rates, leading to a 25% increase in customer lifetime value.

Learn how we increase LTV


Unlock revenue share

Enterprise retailers receive a check from their branded payment partners each quarter. Now you can, too.

Learn how revenue share works

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Shopping Experience

An extension of your brand

  • Fully customizable on-site messaging

  • Communicate value throughout shopping journey

  • Dynamic messaging increases conversion

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Checkout Experience

Accelerated checkout for your best customers

  • Sits alongside your other payment options

  • Pre-filled application takes seconds for decision

  • Shoppers never leave your brand’s experience

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Launch With Ease

White-glove integration drives immediate value

  • Individually designed program assets that put your brand front-and-center

  • Tailored configuration of incentives aimed at driving impact on your highest priority metrics

  • No-code integrations unlock value across your existing stack

Graphic showing how Tandym magically integrates with your brand. Cuztomized messaging, email marketing, payment selector placement, branded payment design, and more.


Pre-built recipes for the most popular tools

Easily integrate your program with all of the other tools in your stack.