Supercharge LTV with branded payments

Offer your own branded payment method that saves you on processing costs while driving loyalty with your best customers

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1,000 points


Real bottom line results


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Customer LTV

Customers love Tandym at popular brands

Tandym elevates your loyalty strategy with a suite of tools

Credit & Debit Payments Illustration

Credit & Debit Payments

Reward all customers with payment options tailored to their needs. Shoppers apply or sign up for an account before or during checkout, without leaving your site.

Complete Rewards Ledger Illustration

Complete Rewards Ledger

We handle the math so you can focus on building a program to excite and delight your best customers.

New Account Bonuses Illustration

New Account Bonuses

Incentivize customer adoption with a range of new account bonuses, including %-off, $-off, and point multipliers.

Dynamic On-site Messaging Illustration

Dynamic On-site Messaging

Customizable widgets unlock functionality across your site and dynamically respond to program configurations & promotions.

Promo Boosts Illustration

Promo Boosts

Create an extra incentive for members by syncing offers with your existing code-driven campaigns.

Product-specific Boosts Illustration

Product-specific Boosts

Supercharge product marketing by creating  unique rewards tied to specific SKUs with just a few clicks.

VIP Campaigns Illustration

VIP Campaigns

Recognize and reward your most loyal customers with exclusive offers and rewards.

Access to Loyalty Ninjas Illustration

Access to Loyalty Ninjas

Partner with industry experts to design your loyalty program. Our elite team has over 30 years of combined experience managing the largest programs in the country.

Merchant Dashboard Illustration

Merchant Dashboard

We make program management a breeze with a full-featured merchant dashboard. Setup and change offers with just a few clicks.

“The Tandym team is so great and attentive. It’s such a great product because it provides another opportunity for me to build loyalty with my best customers.”

Heidi Daus

Heidi Daus

Founder & CEO, Heidi Daus

“We have a small team here at Jenson, and everyone has to wear multiple hats. Any time we have a new project or implementation, we get a bit nervous about handling the additional workload and stress it will add to the day job. The Tandym team was nothing short remarkable in the way they teed everything up for a simple execution. They did all the heavy lifting even producing our branded assets. We didn’t have to do much more than sign off and provide approval.”

David Blades

David Blades

Head of Marketing & E-Commerce, Jenson USA

Our no-code solution integrates in minutes, launches in days

Most new Tandym merchants launch in a matter of days with zero engineering resources required. The hardest part? Deciding what to call your shiny new program.

Step 1

Install the Tandym App in your Store

  • Plug-ins for all of the major e-commerce platforms make installation a breeze. Zero coding required!

  • Our SDK is also available for merchants with a custom platform.

Step 2

Configure Your Program

  • Decide on a New Account Incentive to offer your customers.

  • Enter your bank account details so that we know where to send your same-day settlements.

Step 3

Customize Look-and-Feel

  • Work with our Design team to customize your program logo and imagery.

  • We’ll also adjust the On-site Messaging widgets to match your site experience.

Step 4


  • Import pre-baked marketing templates and slices into your existing messaging platforms.

  • Or, work with us to customize marketing collateral specific to your brand.

  • We provide complete email assets, video content, and additional site assets for you to use with zero incremental work required.