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Unique Vintage CEO Katie Echeverry knows firsthand that a durable brand delivers business growth: She’s been in business for 22 years and has a core of customers who drive a majority of her revenue.

She also knows that the world’s largest brands—like Amazon and Target—have advantages to protect their brand that she’s never had. Namely, branded credit cards.

We all know them (and many of us have them), but not everyone understands their power. But Katie does. She knew branded credit cards improve purchase frequency and AOV.

Only one problem: She couldn’t get one.

At least, that is, until Katie and her team found Tandym. Tandym is the first branded payments provider for DTC brands, offering digital, branded credit and debit cards. Tandym offers the same benefits as traditional, enterprise branded credit cards—increasing purchase frequency and AOV while slashing processing fees by 50-80%. Traditional store cards take months to launch, while Tandym integrates with e-commerce platforms to go live in a matter of days.

For Katie and team, Unique Vintage’s durable brand—a 22-year history—and strong customer base made Tandym a no-brainer.

UV Pay Credit and Debit card

How Unique Vintage integrated branded payments into its offering

For Unique Vintage, about 50% of the brand’s revenue comes from 15% of its customers.

To incentivize those customers to adopt UV Pay, the branded payment method powered by Tandym, Katie and her team offered customers enrolled in the Unique Vintage’s loyalty program an additional 2% back in store credit when using UV Pay, while new customers received a 15% discount offer for their first purchase.

Driven by this simple offer, nearly 10% of Unique Vintage’s best customers adopted UV Pay in the first 60 days. All together, UV Pay captured a 5% share of the gross revenue at Unique Vintage.

UV Pay’s initial revenue impact

Customers who adopted UV Pay increased their AOV by ~10% and shopping frequency by ~13% over the first 60 days of the program’s launch (compared to the 60 days prior).

Taken together, this drove a nearly 25% increase in revenue for UV Pay customers.

These results required no incremental marketing effort on Unique Vintage’s part. The Tandym messaging plug-in displays dynamic, contextual information about UV Pay at key parts of the shopping journey — on the homepage, on PDPs, and at checkout. UV Pay also offers an additional high-touchpoint channel through which Unique Vintage could reach their best customers, with email open rates for statements > 85%.

Leveling the playing field with Tandym

With UV Pay, Katie now has a brand-building and profit-driving tool that was previously only available to the largest brands and retailers. Her branded payment program has helped Unique Vintage grow sales in a sustainable, efficient manner. And perhaps most importantly, UV Pay is a critical extension of the Unique Vintage brand, reinforcing the brand promise and cementing the customer relationship.