Elevate your brand's reputation by integrating review collection with rewards, incentivizing customers to share feedback, and earning valuable incentives in return.

  • Offer bonuses for customers with a Tandym account who leave reviews
  • Automate review emails through Tandym


Retently is a customer experience platform that enables businesses to efficiently collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback.


Junip helps honest brands grow. 1000+ brands depend on Junip to gather & display genuine reviews from their customers. pushes the limits of what your review app can do.


Okendo is a Shopify Plus certified UGC and reviews app that enables merchants to leverage their customers to create reviews and content that builds trust and drive conversions.


Delighted is a Customer feedback tool with Net Promoter System to gather honest customer feedback. It helps to enhance customer relationships, scale best practices, and improve brand engagement.


Yotpo is one of the industry leaders in customer reviews, rewards, UGC, and more.