Tydo helps you keep a pulse on your business and reach your goals with comprehensive reports, data visualizations, and insights. Combine your Shopify store data with the tools and marketing channels you use to create a single source of insight.Current analytics solutions are expensive, lack customization, and aren’t built for every store’s unique needs. We’re building Tydo as a modular platform—because one size doesn’t fit all. Plus, Tydo is 100% free for Shopify merchants.Within the Platform, dive into data visualizations that bring your store to life and unlock new insights and levels of growth.Join brands like Disco, Not Pot, Cadence, Sharma Brands, Dose, and Birthdate Co., in receiving comprehensive reports, data visualizations, and insights. Simply install our Shopify app and add any ad accounts and tools you use!

Comprehensive reports, data visualizations, and insights to optimize your ecommerce store and help you reach your goals

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