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August 24, 2023

How to Use Rare Seeds Pay at Baker Creek

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Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds recently launched an exciting rewards program called Rare Seeds Pay in partnership with fintech provider Tandym. With this new payment option, you can earn 5% back in rewards points on every purchase. 

Here we'll cover the key terms and conditions you need to know to maximize the program. Discover how Tandym's Rare Seeds Pay solution enables Rare Seeds to launch branded payments, reduce processing costs and cultivate customer loyalty to achieve e-commerce success.

All About Baker Creek

Baker Creek is a leading heirloom and open-pollinated seed company based in Mansfield, Missouri. Founded in 1998, Baker Creek offers over 1,800 varieties of heirloom vegetables, herbs, and flowers sought after for their purity, taste, and cultural significance. Their mission is to revive disappearing plant varieties and provide backyard gardeners with the finest heirloom seeds. 

Baker Creek grows trial gardens on their farm to evaluate, improve, and preserve rare heirlooms. They publish an acclaimed 500+ page seed catalog and host educational events at their farm. With a commitment to sustainability and seed diversity, Baker Creek has become a trusted source for producing nutrient-rich heirlooms.

Earning Rewards Points

Shoppers receive rewards points equal to 5% of the total for every qualifying purchase made with Rare Seeds Pay, excluding returns and credits. Baker Creek may sometimes offer bonus points on certain products or promotions. Check product pages and cart at checkout for any bonus rewards opportunities. Points may be forfeited due to fraud or program abuse. Baker Creek can also alter or discontinue the rewards terms at any time.

Redeeming Rewards

Each reward point is worth $0.01 to use toward future purchases at Baker Creek. Points are only redeemable online at rareseeds.com. They cannot be transferred or used outside the Rare Seeds store. Your Rare Seeds Pay account must remain open and in good standing to redeem accrued points. If your account closes, any unredeemed points will be forfeited.

Servicing your Rare Seeds Pay Account

You can service your account at Tandym’s online portal. Be sure to allow up to 2 billing cycles for new points to appear in your account. Most points post within 24-48 hours. If you return qualifying purchases, points will be deducted accordingly. Refunds are first applied back to your original payment method. It may take up to 5 days for points to be returned to your account for any refunds or returns.

Expiration Policy

Rare Seeds Pay rewards points never expire. Expiration policies may vary compared to other merchant programs using Tandym. Be sure to review the Rare Seeds Pay rewards terms and conditions before your next purchase so you can maximize the program. With 5% back on every order, it's a great way to get rewarded for shopping for your favorite rare seeds and plants.

How Can Tandym Help Your Brand?

Tandym is transforming the payment processing industry by putting merchants first. Unlike traditional credit card processing models where fees eat away at slim profit margins, Tandym allows businesses to save up to 80% on payment costs.

These dramatic savings empower merchants to invest more in rewarding and engaging their loyal customers. Tandym's platform facilitates the creation of branded credit accounts with attractive rewards programs. This fosters increased spending and loyalty over time.

With a mission to disrupt the status quo of payment rails, Tandym levels the playing field so small and medium businesses can compete. The company's values-driven team aims to bring transparency, care, and speed to payments.

By partnering with Tandym for customized payment and rewards programs, merchants can reduce expenses, drive growth, and craft better checkout experiences. The innovative fintech company is changing how merchants get paid and customers pay by making transactions more rewarding for both sides.

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