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December 20, 2022

Merchant Partner Onboarding

Traditionally, Store Card programs, like those you’ll see at Target, Kohls, or Wal-Mart, take roughly one year and millions of dollars to launch. That…is a lot. At Tandym, we’ve designed a process to get our merchant partners up and running in less than 48 hours.

Interested? We’ve broken down a typical merchant partner’s example below.


Monday | 10:00 am

Maggie Smith, Founder & CEO of “Ms. Maggie’s,” receives an email about Tandym and is keen to learn more. She has been looking to add another loyalty dimension to her HomeGoods store and loves the idea of saving on Interchange Fees with every order. The idea of having a payment method that helps promote her brand doesn’t hurt either.

She books a meeting for later that day to learn more.

Monday | 12:00 pm

Maggie meets with the Tandym Sales Team to learn more, and after a 30-minute call, her questions have been answered, and she is ready to move forward! The Tandym Team sends her our Merchant Agreement (complete with no integration, setup, or cancellation fees).

Monday | 5:00 pm

Maggie wraps a few things up, reviews the Merchant Agreement, and signs on the (virtual) dotted line. She’s ready to go! As soon as the Tandym Team receives the final form, they introduce Maggie to the Program Success team so she can start the integration process.

Tuesday | 9:00 am

Maggie starts her day by taking 10 minutes to finalize the Tandym Onboarding form. She submits logos and fonts, information on her store and company, and the contact information for her marketing lead. She also books 45 minutes with Tandym’s Program Success team for later in the day.

Tuesday | 12:00 pm

Maggie meets with Tandym’s Program Success team to review the onboarding plan. She also gets her first glimpse of the Program Logo for "Ms. Maggie's Pay," which has her fired up to launch as soon as possible. After reviewing the onboarding plan, she opts to soft launch the program, without marketing, later in the day and utilize Tandym’s personalized marketing materials and collateral later in the week after she’s sure the program is running smoothly. Maggie will go with 5% back to use on future purchases for rewards and will layer in some additional benefits like early access to sales and new products. She’s also interested in offering 15% off all first purchases with "Ms. Maggie's Pay" to boost adoption and get the program thriving.

Because she has a lot going on and doesn’t have a dedicated dev/tech team, Maggie opts to provide Tandym with her admin credentials, so we can safely and securely install the plug-in and custom application for her. Alternatively, any merchant can do this step themselves as needed with no tech expertise required.

Tuesday | 1:00 pm

After a simple install, "Ms. Maggie's Pay" is ready to go! Maggie will just need to let us know when she wants to start the soft launch, and we’ll push it live on our end and hers.

Tuesday | 5:00 pm

Maggie has a chance to review the website and makes the first official purchase using "Ms. Maggie's Pay." She’s impressed by the seamless integration into her checkout and loves seeing her branding all the way through the process.

Wednesday | 10:00 am

Maggie meets with the Program Success team to start planning a marketing strategy and campaign for later in the week. The Tandym Team has graphics and strategies ready to go, so all Maggie needs to do is plug them in and send them on their way. She’s going to use SMS, Email, and Social Media to get the word out about "Ms. Maggie's Pay", but she won’t have to design anything new!


In 48 hours, a merchant can go from learning about Tandym to launching their own private label store card program for their online business. Not only are they unlocking a new payment option that will charge them ~80% less on processing costs, but they are also tapping into one of the most powerful loyalty plays that exists.

Interested in learning more about how Tandym could partner with your business? Connect with us here to chat more! We’d love to get you live as soon as possible!