How Tandym unlocks revenue share

Banks pay retailers like Target, Kohl’s and Amazon a portion of the revenue their branded cards generate. We do the same for you.

Branded credit cards

Branded credit cards are a different type of product, because they’re a different type of business model. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Brand partners with credit card issuer to offer a branded payment solution
  • Brand promotes branded payment method to consumers for use
  • Issuer generates revenue from the interest paid by consumers when using branded payment method
  • Issuer shares a portion of revenues generated from customers with the brand
Lots of customers going through Tandym and an arrow from Tandym to you with a dollar symbol on top of the arrow.

More consumer adoption equals more revenue to share

When more of your customers adopt and use your program, everyone wins. That’s why we’ve aligned our revenue share incentives to total purchase volume.

If customers use Tandym for a certain amount of purchase value in a month, we’ll cut you a check.

A new opportunity to earn each month

We get the challenges with seasonality, so we’ve built our revenue share program with that in mind. The revenue opportunity with Tandym is predictable and recurring: You can earn your revenue incentive every month.

Based on the size of your brand, we’ll give you a tiered payout structure that aligns to a percentage of checkout share each month. When you hit a tier, you earn an incentive. Same thing the next month.

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Other ways branded payments create value


Reduce processing fees

Branded payments don’t utilize expensive network rails. As a result, you pay a fraction of the fees when your customers use your branded payment option.

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Increase in lifetime value

Branded payments drive larger baskets and higher repeat purchase rates, leading to a 25% increase in customer lifetime value.

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