How Tandym increases customer lifetime value

Branded cardholders are proven to have higher AOVs and purchase frequency. You can unlock it with Tandym.

Branded payments shift customer behavior

  • When you give a customers a line of credit, they’ll use it to increase basket size

  • When customers join a loyalty program, they say they’re more likely to buy from the brand more frequently

  • Your best customers generate most of your revenue — and almost all of your profits

Branded payments — like those offered by Tandym — are the only tool that addresses all three at once. Add them up, and it totals to meaningful increases in CLTV.

Snippet of UV Pay case study highlighting +15% Increase in AOV, +10% Increase in Frequency, +25% Increase in Total Customer LTV, and ~5% Checkout Share
(First 60 days)

Give your customers more to spend

Tandym can offer qualified customers up to $5,000 in credit. Yes, that’s a lot of shirts. Or collagen. Or even after-market auto accessories.

But that’s exactly the point: A new line of credit can boost first-purchase AOV by as much as 15%.

Illustration of an email showing how many points the shopper has accumulated and a CTA to shop now

Without building any extra emails

Remind your customers they’re earning points

Credit card statements have among the highest open rates in all of email. Which means it’s a perfect place to market.

With Tandym’s integrated rewards ledger, you’re able to automatically remind customers of their outstanding rewards balances, helping drive greater purchase frequency from customers once they’ve become cardholders.

Other ways branded payments create value


Reduce processing fees

Branded payments don’t utilize expensive network rails. As a result, you pay a fraction of the fees when your customers use your branded payment option.

Learn how we reduce fees


Unlock revenue share

Enterprise retailers receive a check from their branded payment partners each quarter. Now you can, too.

Learn how revenue share works